Nick Perri new single - Sunset To Sunset (electric)

Stay gold. My new single Sunset To Sunset (electric) is out now 🌞 All streaming platforms: Photo: Ryan Richardson

Happy birthday Terra Firma

Happy birthday Terra Firma. Thanks to everyone who’s supported it 🖤 I just uploaded 110 behind the scenes photos to FB here. Stream Terra Firma

From mine to yours 6/15/23

TERRA FIRMA goes from being mine, to yours, tonight at midnight EST. If I’m being honest, the biggest battle I felt going into this album was one against myself. To write, record, and produce at my absolute optimum. No shortcuts, no excuses. My all time best, or stop until I could come back at that level. You may fool others, but you can’t fool yourself. Deep down you always know. For a lot of people Covid brought mortality into focus, and I became hyper aware that I don’t know how many more albums I will have the chance to make...

Hello and welcome! 3/1/23

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting our new website and online store. We are grateful to have you. As I’m sure you can see, the new double album TERRA FIRMA is available for pre-order now, and will be released worldwide on June 16th, 2023! In addition to purchasing a physical copy- which we are so grateful for- we would also encourage you to 'pre-save' the album on Spotify, link HERE, and pre-order the record on iTunes HERE. (please note the link will only work on some devises, some users may have to manually search it on iTunes) By doing this you...

Album update 1/22/23

Friends- here is the album update I’ve been promising. I know many of you contributed to this record in various ways-for which I am truly grateful- and so I want to give you a thorough status. Like with SUN VIA, this will also be a fully independent release. I weighed all the available options and decided this was the best way forward once again. Furthermore, I’m even taking over the merchandise and distribution- doing everything in house- in an effort to create a more sustainable and repeatable model that will hopefully allow me to continue to make the records I...

Nick Perri x Schwinn Bikes

It’s no secret I love my Schwinn. One of my favorite pandemic-era experiences was rediscovering the joys of riding a bicycle. I love the freedom it represented in my youth, and still does today. It’s great exercise for the body and mind, and it’s just plain fun. It was really cool they asked me to participate in their 'Schwinn Stories'. Link below to read in full. (photos by Derek Brad Photography)

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