· By Nick Perri

From mine to yours 6/15/23

TERRA FIRMA goes from being mine, to yours, tonight at midnight EST. If I’m being honest, the biggest battle I felt going into this album was one against myself. To write, record, and produce at my absolute optimum. No shortcuts, no excuses. My all time best, or stop until I could come back at that level.

You may fool others, but you can’t fool yourself. Deep down you always know.

For a lot of people Covid brought mortality into focus, and I became hyper aware that I don’t know how many more albums I will have the chance to make in my life, so that being the case, I wanted to do everything I’ve always wanted to do- RIGHT NOW. This sentiment became a serious challenge as an independent on a limited budget, but we found a way. I did everything I wanted, and nothing I didn’t. 

I’m also aware being around someone in this heightened state all the time can be exhausting. I am supremely grateful for those who were patient with me while I was out of my mind, and fully consumed with completing this work.

I’ve learned the hard way this is an unsustainable state as a whole, but in bursts and moments pushing ourselves further than we think we’re capable of- and out of our comfort zones- is fucking essential for forward movement. And I have zero interest in repeating myself or standing still.

My guiding light was the songs- and the feelings they gave me. I was in service of them, completely.

I’d also like to thank many of you for the support, encouragement, love, and guidance along the way. You know who you are, and you kept me going. I am grateful.

I’m proud of this body of work and proud of my comrades who also gave their very best. Tomorrow we celebrate in everyone’s honor. And we celebrate our existence on this planet- at this moment of space and time- wherever and whenever that really is.

“… and that was the illusion. And when you cut through that illusion, when you wake up, then you see that you are connected, we’re always connected, and will always be connected, with everything and everybody.” -Mark Melchiorre Jr


Photo: Bob Linneman